Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation is a form of medical grade tattooing, in which hypoallergenic pigments are introduced into the upper layers of the skin in order to create a shadow of colour that mirrors the most perfectly applied make-up in soft natural tones of colour, or conversely, nature itself. Because the pigment sits in the upper layer of the skin, the effect remains with the client 24 hours a day only fading gradually over a number of years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Benefits

People with:-
* sparse thin eyebrows
* scars through eyebrows.
* poor vision or an unsteady hand
* allergy to conventional cosmetics
* a busy schedule and little time to worry about make-up
* adverse conditions affecting skin pigment

What to Expect

You can attend the clinic for a design consultation before you commit to the procedure, or you might want to have the design consultation and procedure all on the same day. Either way is fine with us. You will want to allow two to two and half hours of your time. We advise no aspirin or alcohol for 48 hours before treatment and no excessive drinking of water on the day.

You will need to come to the clinic an hour before your appointment and have us apply the topical anaesthetic/ numbing agent, or you may want to come and collect a small amount from us at no charge and apply yourself at home saving yourself an hour waiting time in the clinic. You may also want to attend the clinic for a patch test if you are concerned about sensitivity. Or you may sign a patch test waiver on the day and simply proceed without.

How Long Do They Last?

Brows last up to 18 months. Some people like to get them refreshed every year. When to refresh and top up is entirely up to you. And, each person is very different. Some clients retain pigment really well. Other do not and may require extra visits. Exposure to sun/ sun-beds/ the elements and lifestyle make a difference. So it's very much up to you.

Is it just one Style?

No! In fact we can tailor make the brows to suit your face shape, skin tone, hair and eye colour. You can decide from BarelyThereBrows™ OmbrePowderBrows or something more Corporate like PowerPowderBrows.

What is the Process?


The consultation involves you and your specialist discussing in detail your requirements, wants and needs and expectations. Colour, shape, form and contour options are thoroughly explored and the desired results agreed upon. Before and after photographs are always included for reference purposes. I will brow map using accurate measurements, reference points,  and angles individual to us all. After drawing the basics, we work together to perfect the right brows for you.


The procedure itself is very straight forward taking only about forty five minutes. Additional topical anaesthetics are constantly used throughout making sure your comfort levels are well maintained. A sterile, clinical environment is well observed, as well as disposable individual treatment packs, including disposable single use procedure tools.


We advise no strenuous activity for the remainder of the day, and by strenuous activity that means anything that makes you sweat. You leave the clinic with after care advise information and we supply you with an aftercare ointment.

Will it Hurt?

Will it hurt?

Topical anaesthetics are applied both before, during and after the procedure, in short, no.

Will it be red?

There is usually some localised swelling which will be gone in a few hours. There may be some swelling the following morning again this will subside in a few hours.

Styles and Prices


The barest airbrush of shadow forming a perfect brow contour. Very soft and good for someone dipping their toe into micropigmentation. Only one session required. Lasts up to 18 months. £200 +£50



A defined Brow contour graduating to an Ombre finish. 2 sessions, 5 weeks apart. £200 + £150



BarelyThereBrows™ and Microblading combined. 2-3 sessions, 5 weeks apart. £250 + £200



are corporate brows, a very strong look. 2 sessions, 5 weeks apart. £250 +£200