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Skin Geek Cleansing Mitts

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Not to be mixed up with any old facecloth, These badboys use microtechnology to remove make-up, dirt and bacteria from the face.

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Double sided mitts for the perfect deep cleansing routine.

Contains 7 x Cleansing Mitts + Laundry Bag.


A great skin routine starts with the cleanse!


Use the soft side for eye makeup removal, and/or on sensitive skin. Use the textured side for a thorough cleanse with your chosen cleanser. Soak in warm water before use and slot your 4 fingers inside.

Use 1 mitt every day/night and wash your 7 mitts every week in the laundry bag to ensure a hygienic cleanse every single day!

Material: Soft side 100% Microfibre. Textured side 100% Polyester. Laundry bag 100% Microfibre. Ribbon 100% Polyester


Do not bleach or tumble dry. Machine wash at 40 degrees and let air dry.


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