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Thalgo Plasmalg Gel

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A true beauty secret! Applied just before slipping into a bath containing Micronised Marine Algae or Thalassobath, it encourages the absorption of minerals and trace elements.

Results :

The skin feels replenished with minerals and revitalised. The transcutaneous absorption of marine ions (in suspension in the bath or body wrap) is encouraged. During heat-based treatments, sweating is stimulated to improve the elimination of toxins and excess sebum.

Expert Advice:

Apply all over the body before the bath, concentrating on the legs if they feel tired. When used to care for oily skin or the scalp, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. Great for any skin conditions , burns and sunburn.



Unwind and relax


Baths & Showers

Body application

Size: 150ml


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