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Thalgo Sleeping Cream



Give your skin a good night’s sleep! Used as a cream or an overnight mask, this new generation night cream creates an ‘infusing veil’ to gradually release the active ingredients throughout the night, leaving your skin hydrated, refreshed and restored

Results :

Perfectly hydrated skin : 95%*
Reduced signs of fatigue** and plumped skin* from the first morning: 77%

Clinical study under dermatological supervision on 22 volunteers with dehydrated facial skin and a dull complexion, having used Sleeping Cream every night for 21 days. Self-assessment of effectiveness by 22 volunteers* after the first use in the evening then the following morning** after 21 days of daily use.

Expert Advice:

As a night cream: after cleansing, apply to the face and neck every evening in a fine layer and allow the formula to do its magic. For times when skin looks particularly tired (especially good for new parents, or girls who’ve been partying hard…) use as a mask and apply a generous layer, leaving it to work overnight without removing it


Dehydrated Skin

Dull Skin, lacking in radiance




Night Care

Size: 50ml


Additional information

Weight 30 kg


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