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The Skin Geek™ Cryo Roller

Category: Beauty Devices

The must-have gadget to use in your at home facials. See below for details.


• Reduces puffiness and inflammation
• Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Soothes redness.
• Firms the skin.
• Sculpts and Contours by Increasing facial lymphatic drainage.
• Brightens
• Tightens pores (temporarily!)
• Relaxes muscle tension ( great for tension headaches!)
• For use on the body too!
It’s also the perfect SOS for burns and pain relief.
Place the cryo roller snuggly into the Skin Geek zipper bag and store in the freezer for an Ice Cold blast to the skin whenever you need it. On clean skin, apply your favourite serum and taking the Cryo Roller, roll up and down, left to right across your cheeks, around your eyes, jawline – working towards the ears, neck and chest area until you feel back to your perky self! 5-10 minutes is a good time limit. When you are finished with it, simply clean it with warm soapy water, let it dry, place it back in the zipper bag and return it to your freezer for your next sub zero pick me up!
Caution: Do not leave the roller on the same area for too long. Your skin may appear pink and flushed temporarily, this will diminish. If not, seek medical advice.


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