Aqua Hydro Facial

Aqua Hydro Facial

This beauty machine can effectively deep cleanse, moisturise, brighten skin and smooth wrinkles. It can reduce facial spots without any damage to the skin. It comes with 6 different functions of probes so that we can taylor the treatment to meet your various needs. It regulates sebaceous glands secretion, reduce facial acne, improve skin absorption of nutrients, Accelerate metabolism and eliminate facial blemishes.

1. RF Lifting Head: Lifts and tightens skin, stimulates collagen and improves contour drooping.
2. Cold Hammer Whitening Head: Calms, brightens and rejuvenates the skin, shrinks pores, removes redness, reduces sensitivity and improves dark yellow skin.
3. Skin Scrubber Head: Rejuvenation repair, remove dead skin, removes excess cuticle, fine skin and improve skin texture.
4. Hydro Dermabrasion Pen: Deep cleansing, remove grease, blackhead, acne, dirt, improve greasy skin, increase skin elasticity, improve skin tone.
5. Polymer Atomizing Pen: Moisturising and hydrating, quickly penetrates the skin and increases skin vitality.
6. Ultrasonic Handle: Nutrient introduction, ultrasonic 10 to 3 million vibration, deep penetration, repairing skin at the base.
7. Effectively moisturise and brighten skin and smooth wrinkles. It can reduce facial spots without any damage to the skin.
8. Regulate sebaceous glands secretion, reduce facial acne, improve skin absorption of nutrients. Accelerate metabolism, eliminate facial blemishes.

Working Principle:
Hydroxon hydrogen refers to the conversion of purified water into hydrogen hydroxide ion water, which will produce H2 fine molecules on the surface of the skin, so that the water molecules can quickly penetrate into the skin to achieve the effect of moisturising and whitening. By producing small bubbles, added to the rotating cleaning water grinding head, the skin cleansing effect is even better.

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