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Dermaplaning is an amazing, non invasive, physical exfoliation using a sterile medical scalpel ( don’t worry it’s safe!). We use it to remove the outer layer of dead skin giving you more defined features and unwanted facial hair (doesn’t grow back thicker). It will provide you with a great canvas for makeup.

Frequently asked questions

This is a popular treatment for all skin types and has no downtime. It is a very good way to maintain a healthy glow to your skin and not have any reactive areas that need additional healing. It is often combined with a chemical peel to give the client a better change in the outer layer of their skin.

Most clients see and feel a difference in their facial skin within a few days. This treatment leaves you with such a glow that many clients come on their lunchtime for treatments and can return with very little redness to the skin.

Anyone looking to have the best exfoliation their skin can have then this is for you. Also if you hate the fluffy hair on your face and want makeup to go on perfectly. Anyone who is concerned with Ageing, Acne scarring and Dull skin. This is perfect for anyone in the entertainment industry that need an HD ready complexion for cameras and harsh production lighting.

Do not have this treatment if you have any of the following:

• Diabetes – not controlled by diet or medication.

• Cancer – currently undergoing treatment.

• Accutane or Isotretinion use within 12 months.

• Blood thinners.

• History of bleeding problems.

• Higher dosages or frequency of Aspirin.

• Acne – grade 3 or above.

• Pustular acne that is red and irritated – avoid area.

• Cystic acne – avoid area.

• Retin-A within 5 days.

• Chemical Peel or laser treatment – within 14 days.

• Cold sores.

• Moles & Skin tags – avoid area.

• Sunburn or windburned skin.


As an on-going treatment most clients come on a regular monthly basis for treatments.

Immediately after Dermaplaning your skin will be much more sensitive to any skin irritants or peels. If you are going to have a peel in combination with dermaplaning, a superficial peel is the safest choice. Superficial peels include a “AHA” alpha hydroxy acid or a salicylic acid peels. If you were going to wait a week or two before the peel…more aggressive peels can be used. Ultimately, the choice for skin resurfacing and treatment depends on your skin and your desires. I recommend the peel tied in with the treatment.

Dermaplane Pro Silver: £55

Cleanse, Dermaplane, Enzyme peel, sheet mask, Serum, SPF

Caviar Dermaplane Treatment: £70

As well as Dermaplaning The Caviar consists of PHA Chemical Peels. PHA Peels, also known as no-peel peels, are the latest advancement in the industry containing polyhydroxy acids that cause less irritation to the skin compared to AHA’s and BHA’s. They have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin, including dermatitis and rosacea, making one of their peels a perfect partner for dermaplaning.


Reductions are given on booking and paying for a course, ask for details.

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