Gua Sha Facial & Body Massage

Gua Sha Facial & Body Massage


Gua Sha is an East Asian treatment which generally uses quite a vigorous rubbing/scraping technique. It is mainly used in China on the patient’s back, for detoxification purposes or for various sprains and injuries throughout the body. Gua means ‘to scrape or scratch’ and Sha is the resulting redness.

We also use it on the face to lift and firm and tone muscles.




The purpose of Gua Sha is to relax the surrounding muscles. It draws toxins out from deep within the muscles and body. This allows them to the body to flush them away and nourish the local area with fresh blood. These toxins are a result of the congestion of Qi and blood in the body.


Traditionally, different crystals have different purposes. Jade is used to balance yin and yang energy, whilst rose quartz supports heart energy in particular. It’s good to gua sha on the chest with rose quartz because the action tonifies the heart qi.


It’s like a roller for your face. Gua Sha can minimise fine lines and wrinkles, boost skin’s elasticity (so it looks firmer), and give skin a glow almost instantly.


When done on the face, Gua Sha can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore firmness and elasticity, promote a brighter complexion, relieve jaw tension, promote lymphatic drainage, and decrease puffiness.


Using flat crystals, the Gua Sha technique helps remove lymphatic fluid from the face, which in turn smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and  reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.


Gua Sha increases microcirculation to the treated area and helps clear stagnation of circulation. So yes it does help.

a 45min treatment is £35