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Lash and Brow Tinting

An eyelash tint is great if you wear no mascara but will also improve the look of mascara application.

A brow tint will add colour to your most important facial feature. It will take you from ordinary to fabulous in a heartbeat.


You need to stay away from products like Glycolic acid, Fruit acid peels, AHA’s and BHA’s.

These products lighten the tint. Also remember to apply sunblock when you are out and about

An eyelash tint lasts 3-4 weeks.

Blue black is the darkest colour and lasts the longest.

Blue black can look very intense depending on your desired look.

Clients with blonde or red eyelashes may prefer to start with black or brown for a less dramatic and more natural look.

Note the lighter colours may not last as long.

This is partly because of the bleaching effect of the sun and partly because of genetics.

Once the eyebrows are tinted, the very fine lighter hairs show up. This gives the whole eyebrow a fuller look.

Tinting can also help improve the shape of the eyebrows. The top of the arch can be lifted by tinting the

lighter hairs at the top of the brows. The ends can also be better defined and lengthened. Giving an overall

better shape.

If you have blonde or red eyebrows, it is best to try graphite or light brown as this will give you a soft natural colour.

I can mix the two colours to create an individual look. Ask your therapist in salon for more details.