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A high-performance treatment to visibly reduce wrinkles, this treatment immediately fills in and smoothes wrinkles. Wrinkles are targeted by fibrolysis technology, one after the other. Wrinkles are smoothed and signs of ageing delayed. The skin’s youthfulness is restored.
Combined with a THALGO Anti-Ageing facial for increased effectiveness.

45 minute  /  £50

Apollo Duet combines multiple technologies, including 4th generation quadpolar Radio Frequency, simultaneous Electroporation and Iontophoresis, as well as a cooling and heating function. The combination of these technologies provides an extremely effective anti-ageing treatment, as well as treating problematic skin conditions such as  inflamed skin, acne, pigmentation, seborrhoea and rosacea.

50/90 minute  /  £55 / 110

This beauty machine can effectively deep cleanse, moisturise, brighten skin and smooth wrinkles. It can reduce facial spots without any damage to the skin. It comes with 6 different functions of probes so that we can taylor the treatment to meet your various needs. It regulates sebaceous glands secretion, reduce facial acne, improve skin absorption of nutrients, Accelerate metabolism and eliminate facial blemishes.

70 minute  /  £70

Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy is a treatment during which a gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), is infused into the skin to encourage an increased flow of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas in the body and as such it can not cause any allergic or other unwanted reactions.

50 minutes  £58/

Injectable fillers have provided a solution for patients to rejuvenate their facial appearance without incisions and a minimal amount of downtime

30 / 60 / 90 minutes   £ 150 / 130 / 190

A fast face lifting and Cellulite treatment. Defies the passing of time: 5 minutes to remove 10 years. It is a revolutionary registered system that shoots upon the skin’s tissues a strong CO2 flow, combining an extremely high concentration of atomised actives at a very high pressure and low temperature.

45  minutes  £60

Get your skin into the spotlight. If you want to improve the overall texture of your skin, banish acne, or treat scars, then the LED (or Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy treatment is for you.

30  minutes  £30

Dermaplaning’s purpose is to give your skin an immediate exfoliation for a luminous glow.

The benefits are dewy skin, faster cell turnover, and a smoother texture. Plus, the light shaving motion gets rid of little facial hairs while it exfoliates.

Silver/Caviar/Platinum  £55 /70 /125

To make the most from your eyes you can extend, curl, colour and shape lashes and brows.


Lash Tint/Brow Tint/ Brow Shape/Lash Lift   £ 13/9/9/26

 Injections to erase facial lines are commonplace today but facial acupuncture, a treatment that’s been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is becoming increasingly popular as a natural alternative to plastic surgery and Botox.

30 / 60  minutes   £ 37.50/ 70 

A soft and gentle way to remove unwanted hair. We use a combination of strip wax and threading to quickly and conveniently treat various areas. Helping you avoid the wasted time shaving, giving you, smoother, hair free skin for longer.


Brows /Half Leg/Underarm/Bikini /lip   £ 9/17/10/11/10


Ear candles have physical function. A light, suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.


50mins  £ 33


Hyperboost™ applies Hyaluronic Acid-based injectable serums  treatments and lipolytic anti-cellulite treatments to our clients. These treatments can be combined to address fine lines & wrinkles in the face and neck, aid anti-acne regimes as an intra dermal nutrition/ hydration boost and as an anti-cellulite treatment particularly useful in treating the double chin


1ml   £ 30


Lipo Angel is a revolutionary, non-surgical alternative to

traditional liposuction.


60 minutes   £ 9o



Therapeutic massage and bodywork offer multiple benefits. Not only does good bodywork offer a natural, holistic approach to healing and moving toward true wellness – it also feels great! It is now well established, by a large body of scientific research, that therapeutic massage can reduce your overall stress level and help resolve a wide range of specific conditions.


30/60/ minutes   £ 33/45


The Dual Injector Pro+ combines the latest in RF skin lifting/tightening with the transdermal delivery of active substances (needle free mesotherapy).


Face & Neck/ Incl. Dermalux LED /  £ 90


Eyebrows really do enhance your features and can give an instant lift to your face making them the best ant-ageing tool that you have. Semi-Permanent make-up can deliver a new set of brows, which done carefully and sympathetically create anything from a natural hair strokes to full on dramatic brows or high definition.


Powder brows/Ombre   £ 260/290


Microneedling, Meta therapy helps combat the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and even hair loss. Micro skin needling encourages collagen and elastin production within the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections making the skin smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking.


Dermal Roller ( Discount on course)  £150


Pain impacts quality of life for millions of people, getting in the way of living life to the fullest.

Through the skilled use of a combination of holistic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques,

your pain and other symptoms can be resolved and replaced by flexibility, strength and a renewed sense of well being.

30/60 minutes   £33/60

Micropigmentation is a form of medical grade tattooing, in which hypoallergenic pigments are introduced into the upper layers of the skin in order to create a shadow of colour that mirrors the most perfectly applied make-up in soft natural tones of colour, or conversely, nature itself.


Powder brows/Ombre/Corporate   £ 250/350/450


Salt/Saline Treatment Process punctures the top layer of skin, opening the area. Then, a salt gel is applied to the skin, which draws the tattoo pigment to the skin’s surface and gently exfoliates it away.


30/60/90 minutes   £ 35/70/130


We have a range of energy boosting vitamins through injections, liposomes (and soon to follow IV infusions). We also have Antioxidant treatments  available too.


Consultation / Prices   free/on request


Ever wondered how celebrities look so flawless on the red carpet? Having a professional team of makeup artists and stylists certainly helps, but savvy celebs throng to Dr. Zein Obagi’s head office in LA for a revolutionary chemical peel from Obagi’s ZO Health line.




A 3 step system which is suitable for all skin types, the 3-Step Stimulation Peel from ZO Medical is designed to exfoliate the top layers of skin and stimulate cellular function in the skin’s deeper layers whilst calming and soothing the skin. It’s a system which means little or no downtime





£ 59.99
One session
  • Traditional
  • Hot Stone
  • Essential oils
  • 1hr 15mins
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£ 30
One session
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Traditional
  • 50mins
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A cosmetic acupuncture treatment that will concentrate on points and muscles of the face to improve the elasticity of your skin and lift the muscles to improve general overall appearance.

Half Face / Full Face   £ 37.50 / 70 

The Gua She facial version is a lovely relaxing treatment used across the cheeks, around the eyes, on the forehead, the nasal labial fold and the fine lines around the mouth to lift and smooth.

30 / 60    £ 39 / £70

We have put together a unique program designed to relax, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and soul.

30 / 60 / 90 minutes   £ 60 / 80 / 100

Resurfacing skin treatments revitalise skin and reduce shaving rash. Also several therapeutic massage techniques are used to reduce tension, alleviate muscular pain and flexibility.

30 / 60 / 90 minutes   £ 65 / 80 / 100

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Luxury SPA premium service

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